Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tips tricks and challenges,, challenge 2

Here are my shots for challenge #2 a close-up of a pack of firecrackers.
goldfish fireworks, I thought these were so cool looking.
my first "nature" shot part of a sunflower.
and for the water.
raindrops falling into the birdbath.
loved the way the water from the rain made the lantern look.
I was only able to come up with one patriotic close-up.
I really could only get one good "patriotic"
and here is my second nature shot sorry it got separated from the other one.
I think Lilies are always an interesting subject, solo or in a group. second nature shot.
so my tips would be
1. think outside the box- like with the fireworks..a good shot of unexploded fireworks can be better than an average one of them in action
2. know the limitations of your camera, my point and shoot, will blur the foreground and focus on the background if i get too close, so by adding a foreground flower i was able to get a better shot .
3. close-up doesn't have to be macro....photographing the tiniest details of something is awesome but some cameras just can't do that, so just get close up to something larger like a sunflower.


AgilityIG said...

nice job on the challenge - love the flag shot!!!

Sandie Dunn said...

Hey Janice! I love that flag! What a great shot! You really got some great color in that one! I like the composition in your water shot too... how it's in the bottom left - really draws the eye to it. Great thinking on the fireworks! Thinking outside the box (or on the box) on that one! ;) And, I think your lilies are very pretty.

Mel said...

Great shots! Love the flag!

Chlemen said...

I agree, close up shots with a reg point and shot is a challenge. You did a great job though:) I also love the composition of the flag.

momof3girls2008 said...

Great job Janice! I love your take on the fireworks!

Elizabeth said...

Love your outside the box thinking on the fireworks photos! Very creative! Great job!

Jane said...

Great job on all the shots...Love the flag shot..nice, clear and crisp!!

ScrapDoggy's Photo Blog said...


Your tip was great, especially for a newbie like me! I LOVE the flag shot, and the birdbath shot is really awesome too! Great work all around!



Carol said...

I like your fireworks shot so colorful. Great job on all the shots.