Sunday, June 22, 2008

Photo tips tricks and challenges

My best tip on this exercise is to keep an open mind, for the music topic my first thought was to take the guitar outside and lean it against a tree, thinking the the wood of the guitar and the tree would make for an interesting natural shot, I was shooting different angles trying to keep the ugly metal shed out of the shot, and I thought lets just try a couple with the shed, produced a much more interesting shot than the tree.
A piece of black velvet to use for a background is one of my favorite things, I use it mostly at weddings but it worked well for the guitar too.

My two interpretations of "tea" I went for very simple. The bottom set belonged to a dear friend, I liked the way the light caught the pearl glaze and the reflection on the table. The top one didn't work so well on the table, I ended up placing it on my foamcore board and propping it right next to the window the simple lines and strong shadow made a nice image.

These are for the feet challenge, feet waiting in the dugout, and feet watching the game.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Helo there

Giving this a test drive, so to speak, hoping to do some photography challenges and need a place to work.